5 Myths of Plastic Surgery

When it comes to medical issues there’s a lot of false information out there. To help you make informed choices about cosmetic procedures we’ve put together this list of the top 5 most common myths about plastic surgery:

1) Breast Implants Increase Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

According to the Susan G. Koman Foundation, “neither saline nor silicone breast implants appear to increase breast cancer risk.” In fact, some studies have even shown that women with implants have a slightly lower-than-average risk of developing breast cancer – a statistic which is attributed to the fact that women who choose to have breast implants tend to be fitter and more pro-active about their health care than those without implants.

2) Men Don’t Have Plastic Surgery

With the recent advances in plastic surgery and the increased awareness of the extensive benefits associated with cosmetic procedures, more men than ever are now opting to have plastic surgery. A recent survey by the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons revealed that 12 percent of adult men planned on having one or more cosmetic procedures in the future.

3) Plastic Surgery Is Only For The Wealthy

Plastic surgery is often much more affordable than you might expect, and in fact, many reconstructive procedures are either partially or fully covered under some insurance plans. While cosmetic procedures may be popularized by celebrities, our patients include people from all walks of life.

4) Liposuction Doesn’t Last

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells, which means they’re gone forever. However, if liposuction patients fail to maintain a stable weight through diet and exercise, the remaining fat cells can swell up and fill in the treated area, giving a false impression that the fat cells have ‘grown back.’

5) Plastic Surgery Leaves Visible Scars

Modern, minimally-invasive techniques mean that big, unsightly plastic surgery scars are now a thing of the past. In many cases, cosmetic procedures can be performed in a way that makes it virtually impossible to detect where incisions were made.

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