Breast Enhancement – Choosing The Right Shape

Breast Enhancement for Land O’Lakes Women – Choosing the Right Shape

breast-enhancement-landolakes-bigstock-young-fit-woman-wearing-sports-braIf you are seeking breast enhancement near Land O’Lakes, you can trust Dr. John Roach of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to provide knowledgeable answers to your questions.  With Dr. Roach, you will always receive the individualized care and attention you need and deserve.  And as you consider your options for breast implants, Dr. Roach will guide your choice of implant shape for your breast enhancement at his center near Land O’Lakes.

As you probably know, breast implants are available in a wide range of sizes.  However, in addition to size, the overall shape of the implant can dramatically affect the appearance of your enhanced breasts.  Therefore, it’s important to discuss your preferences and seek the input of an experienced surgeon to determine which type of breast implant is best-suited for you.

Breast implants come in two main shapes for breast enhancement.  Land O’Lakes breast surgeon Dr. Roach describes those shapes as follows:

  • Round – Symmetrical and spherical in shape, round implants can vary from low projection to high projection.  Round implants can also provide the appearance of fullness at the top of the breasts.
  • Teardrop – Teardrop implants are characterized by a sloping contour that fills out more at the bottom of the breast, mimicking the shape of natural breasts.  Even though teardrop implants do not provide as much fullness at the top of the breasts, they tend to provide greater projection than their round counterparts at the same volume.

Implant shape is a matter of personal choice.  Nevertheless, when consulting with Dr. Roach regarding your breast enhancement at his center near Land O’Lakes, there are additional factors you should consider, which include:

  • Your body type
  • The amount of existing breast tissue
  • The placement of the breast implant
  • The incision site

If you would like to discuss breast enhancement with Dr. Roach at the Land O’Lakes area Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, please contact us.  Dr. Roach, an experienced breast surgeon, is available to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about breast surgery or other plastic surgery procedures.

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