Breast Enlargement – What Patients Can Expect After Surgery

Breast Enlargement – What Tampa Bay, FL, Patients Can Expect After Surgery

breast-enlargement-tampa-bayBreast enlargement, like any other surgical procedure, requires a recovery period. Dr. John Roach, an esteemed Florida breast surgeon who performs breast enlargement procedures at the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery near Tampa Bay, FL, can give you an idea of what to expect in the days and weeks that follow your surgery:

  • Immediately after your breast enlargement, you will likely feel tired and sore. Rest is essential! Ice packs and medication may help relieve your discomfort. Also, try to minimize the movement of your chest and arms for a few days.
  • As your skin adjusts to your new breast size, your chest might feel tight, and you may notice diminished sensation in your breasts. Your surgeon can recommend breast massage or other techniques to facilitate your recovery from these temporary side effects of surgery.
  • For comfort while you heal from breast enlargement surgery, your doctor may advise you to wear a postoperative compression bra, or no bra at all, for a specified period of time.
  • Your breasts may remain swollen and sensitive for several weeks following your breast augmentation procedure.
  • Your surgeon will advise on when you can resume your regular activities. Most women are able to return to work within four to five days.
  • Because high-intensity exercise that raises your pulse and blood pressure can create additional pain and prolong your recovery, you’ll need to avoid such strenuous activities for at least a month following your breast enlargement surgery.
  • If you experience a fever or notice increased swelling or marked redness in your breasts or chest area, contact your surgeon right away.

To ensure that your body has adequate time to heal and look its best, you’ll want to take good care of yourself during your recovery from breast enlargement surgery. If you have questions or concerns, Dr. Roach can help. Patients in the Tampa, FL, area are encouraged to contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to discuss this and other cosmetic procedures, such as such as body contouring and breast reduction.

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