Breast Implants – Five Things to Know

Breast Implants for Tampa Bay, FL, Women – Five Things to Know

breast-implants-tampa-bayResearching the surgical placement of breast implants can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. Dr. John Roach, an expert breast surgeon and founder of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, can help Tampa Bay, FL, women sort through the deluge of information available and make educated choices when considering their options for this elective surgical procedure.

Breast implants are approved by the FDA for increasing breast size, reconstructing the breast following breast cancer surgery, and correcting developmental defects. A number of studies have shown that many patients are satisfied with the outcomes of their breast augmentation and mastectomy reconstruction surgeries.

If you are considering breast implants, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Dr. Roach has the requisite knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and help guide your decisions, and he would be happy to schedule a personal consultation with you at his center near Tampa Bay, Florida. In the meantime, Dr. Roach suggests five things you should know about breast implants:

  • Your surgeon must evaluate and make decisions on the size, shape, texture, placement, and incision site of your breast implants. Therefore, to ensure the most optimal results, it is important for you to communicate with your surgeon regarding your preferences and expectations. You’ll also want to discuss your past surgeries, if any, and your body’s response.
  • Different products have different characteristics and fillers, such as saline and silicone gel. You should review the product labeling and Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data to learn about the indications for use, risks, warnings, precautions, and studies associated with FDA approval of the device.
  • Breast implants are not lifetime devices, so you will likely require further surgery sometime in the future.
  • Monitoring is crucial. Women with implants should continue to perform self-examinations and undergo regular mammograms. In addition, periodic MRI screenings are recommended for women with silicone implants, because an MRI screening is the most accurate way to detect a silicone implant leak.
  • There are risks associated with breast implants. For example, scar tissue may form around the implant, creating a complication known as capsular contracture. Also, implants can rupture as a result of physical trauma or the aging of the device. You should discuss the potential for these and other risks with your doctor and carefully follow his or her instructions with regard to regular examinations, mammograms, and MRIs. 

Patients in the Tampa Bay, FL, area who would like to discuss breast implants with Dr. Roach can contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule an appointment. In addition to answering your questions and helping you understand what your individual surgical experience may be like, Dr. Roach will be happy to discuss other cosmetic procedures, such as facial mini lifts, mastectomy reconstruction, a breast lift, a mommy makeover, and more.

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