Dr John B. Roach Jr. a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!

Dr. John B. Roach Jr. is now a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. After 10 years of practice and thousands of dollars in certification fees Dr Roach has completed his second board certification. He is among very few surgeons that continue to maintain active OCC (Osteopathic Continuous Certification) in two separate specialties.  He initially completed a board certification in general surgery in 2011. He then completed his board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery in 2014. To become a Double Board Certified Surgeon is quite an accomplishment however to maintain active continuous certification in both is extraordinary.  Dr Roach uses his combined skills and knowledge to perform many different surgeries from very complex reconstructive procedures to minor in office cosmetic improvements.   Dr. Roach emphasizes a “safety first” approach to surgical decision making. For example, when a patient comes into the office requesting a “mommy makeover” that involves breast augmentation and tummy tuck, Dr Roach will discuss the optimal timing of both surgeries which will most likely be staged rather than at the same time due to the high risk of complications that can be life threatening by combining the surgeries. Rest assured the results are great and patient satisfaction is very high while the complication rate is very low.  Safe surgery is his priority!

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