Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. John Roach of the Tampa Bay Area Specializes in Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

breast-implant-surgeon-tampa-bigstock-sexy-womanDr. John Roach, an experienced breast implant surgeon at the Tampa area Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, specializes in a new technique known as dual plane breast augmentation.  This procedure enhances the appearance of the breast by placing implants partially above and below the patient’s pectoralis muscle.

Dr. Roach explains the concept underlying dual plane breast augmentation as follows:  When the muscular attachments of the pectoralis major at the inframammary fold are completely released, the upper pectoralis muscle is able to lift the attached gland to a higher position, and the breast implant serves to fill in the necessary volume and create a virtual breast lift.  The end result is often a pleasing, naturally augmented appearance.  And because the incision is made in the breast fold, any resultant scarring is easily concealed by the woman’s bra or bathing suit top.

The dual plane technique, which breast implant surgeon Dr. Roach performs at his center near Tampa, is particularly well-suited for thin women who have experienced moderate ptosis, or sagging of the breasts.  Because this condition is difficult to correct through subpectoral or subglandular implant placement alone, the dual plan technique may allow such a patient to avoid the necessity of a classic breast lift in addition to implants.

Other benefits of the dual plane procedure include a lower risk of complications such as capsular contracture and rippling.  On the other hand, women who undergo dual plane breast augmentation will generally experience more pain and have a slightly higher risk of hematoma than that associated with other breast enhancement techniques.

Women seeking a breast implant surgeon in Tampa can trust their surgery to Dr. Roach.  With more than seven years of intensive surgical training and a specialty in breast surgery, Dr. Roach is skilled in utilizing the latest techniques and believes in creating realistic expectations of each patient’s potential results.  And to Dr. Roach, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing his patients leave his care feeling renewed and self confident.

To learn more about the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, or Dr. Roach and his experience as a breast implant surgeon, Tampa patients can contact us today.

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