Lipo Suction – Are You a Good Candidate?

Lipo Suction for Patients in Lutz, New Tampa, Clearwater, and Beyond – Are you a Good Candidate?

Lipo suction, which was developed to help improve the shape and contours of a patient’s body, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed today. If you’ve been leading a healthy lifestyle, with exercise and a balanced diet, and are still having trouble getting rid of excess fat in a specific area of your body, a liposuction procedure may be the right choice for you.

To find out if a lipo suction procedure will truly help you achieve your appearance goals, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to give you professional advice regarding whether you are a good candidate for the procedure and which areas of your body may be best served by liposuction. Still, there are a few ways to determine if you are a good liposuction candidate before you see a plastic surgeon.

First, as a potential lipo suction patient, it’s important that you are not more than 20 pounds overweight, as liposuction is not a weight loss solution or an alternative to healthy diet and exercise. You also want to be sure that your weight is stable, because your surgery results will last only as long as you maintain a constant, healthy weight. So, if you are planning to lose weight, or even gain weight, such as with a pregnancy, you should wait to have your lipo suction procedure. Additionally, for the best results, your skin should be firm and elastic, so that it can shrink to fit your new contours following the body contouring procedure.

It’s also important to evaluate your overall health. As with all surgeries, lipo suction does pose some risks. These risks increase for patients who have heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, or other similar medical problems.

If you live in Lutz, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, or any other nearby community, and want to learn more about lipo suction, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We can schedule your consultation with experienced liposuction surgeon Dr. John Roach, who can determine whether lipo suction is the best option for you, or if some other type of surgery would be more appropriate for your needs and goals. Whether you are interested in liposuction targeting the thighs, abdomen, or any other area of the body, Dr. Roach is a reputable plastic surgeon you can count on.

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