Liposuction Recovery Information

Liposuction Recovery Information for Tampa Bay Patients

liposuction-recovery-tampa-bayLiposuction recovery can be something of a mystery if you’re a prospective patient in the Tampa Bay area who is considering this procedure. Perhaps you’ve been unable to achieve the body shape you desire, despite your devoted commitment to exercise and healthy eating. You’re understandably eager to eliminate that stubborn, excess fat and move on with a new and improved silhouette, but you’re probably wondering exactly how soon you will be able to move on – or perhaps even move at all – after your surgery.

For a personalized explanation of what your individual liposuction recovery may entail, it’s best to meet with a qualified surgeon, such as Dr. John Roach of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Roach founded his clinic in 2008 after graduating from medical school with honors and completing seven years of intensive training in general, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. He is widely recognized for both his skillful liposuction techniques and holistic approach to patient care, and he has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career. During a private consultation, Dr. Roach can educate you on the procedure and provide guidance and insight on ways to promote liposuction recovery to ensure the best possible result.

With regard to liposuction recovery in general, Dr. Roach notes that you can expect to feel tired and sore immediately after the procedure. Even so, you may have little or no trouble walking or moving about. You’ll be fitted with a special compression garment, which you may need to wear for several days to ensure proper body contour. During the first few days, you must aim to get as much rest as possible to facilitate your liposuction recovery. You should arrange to have a trusted friend drive you home and be available to help you as you heal. Your bruising will gradually fade over time, and you will probably be able to begin resuming your normal activities, including work, approximately one week after surgery.

Contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery to schedule an appointment to explore your options with Dr. Roach at his state-of-the-art clinic near Tampa Bay, FL. Dr. Roach will discuss your aesthetic goals and provide detailed information on liposuction recovery. If you would like, he will also be happy to talk to you about the cost of this procedure, tummy tuck cost, or the prices associated with other cosmetic procedures he performs.

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