Breast Augmentation Palm Harbor FL

Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed Near Palm Harbor, FL

Breast Augmentation Palm Harbor FLAs a double board certified plastic and general surgeon, Dr. John Roach has been performing breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures at a fully accredited surgical facility near Palm Harbor, Florida, for more than a decade. When planning breast augmentation surgery, he believes it is important to strike the right balance between the patient’s breast size and body type. Taking this into account, as well as the patient’s preferences, he helps the patient choose the most appropriate breast implants to create the desired outcome. Ultimately, his goal is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking result.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

During a personal consultation at his practice, Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Roach determines each prospective patient’s candidacy for breast augmentation on an individual basis. He begins by evaluating two key criteria: First, a woman must be healthy enough to undergo surgery, and second, her expectations regarding the likely outcome of breast augmentation must be reasonable.

In general, a good candidate for breast augmentation is a woman who would like to have larger breasts for cosmetic reasons, or who would like to address a change in the size, shape, or firmness of her breasts that resulted from:

  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Aging

What Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Involve?

To enhance the appearance of a woman’s breasts, Dr. Roach places liquid- or gel-filled breast implants behind the patient’s existing breast tissue or underneath the muscle between the breast and chest wall. In many cases, the incisions (and resulting scars) can be hidden in the crease underneath each breast.

Many patients are able to return home on the same day as their breast augmentation surgery, and to work within a few days. Any residual swelling, tenderness, and bruising should gradually subside within the next 10-14 days. Dr. Roach provides each patient with detailed aftercare instructions and a routine follow-up appointment schedule to help ensure proper healing.

If you’d like to discuss breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Roach, contact Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule an appointment at his office near Palm Harbor, FL.

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