Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery for Patients in New Tampa, Lutz, Trinity, and Beyond

Choosing to undergo breast lift surgery is a serious decision, and you should place equal importance on finding a reputable and experienced surgeon to perform your procedure. If you are considering a breast lift and live in New Tampa, Clearwater, Wesley Chapel, or any nearby community, the breast surgeon that you can trust for both superior surgical expertise and outstanding patient care is Dr. John Roach of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Roach is one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the state, and though he expertly performs a wide range of procedures, including tummy tuck surgeries, liposuction, facelifts and more, he is especially well known for his extraordinary skills as a breast surgeon. If you are experiencing breast sag due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss, or aging, you can visit Dr. Roach for breast lift surgery to help restore a shapely and youthful silhouette to your bust.

Your breast lift surgery will involve removing excess skin around the breast, which typically results in scarring. Dr. Roach will work diligently to try and minimize this scarring by employing one of the following techniques:

  • The doughnut technique – Dr. Roach removes the circle of skin surrounding the nipples, confining the scar to the areolar area, where the skin tends to be darker, which helps hide the scarring.
  • The tailor-tack method – Prior to removing any excess breast tissue, Dr. Roach molds the breasts to the desired shape and applies temporary sutures. Only the folded skin is removed before the sutures are taken out, minimizing the amount of skin that may be affected by scarring. 

To learn more or to schedule your breast lift surgery consultation with Dr. Roach, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We’re happy to speak with patients from Tampa, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, and surrounding communities, and can also tell you more about the different options available for your procedure, such undergoes both a breast lift and augmentation to give you a fuller bust.

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