Dual Plane Breast Enlargement

Dual Plane Breast Enlargement 

breast-enlargementWhen a woman wants to increase her bust size, restore her former breast size, or create symmetry when one breast is smaller than the other, she often finds the solution in a breast enlargement operation. At the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, near Tampa, you will find the experienced hands of Dr. John Roach, a plastic surgeon who is highly knowledgeable in traditional and alternative breast enhancement techniques.

One of the newest and most impressive breast augmentation methods Dr. Roach offers residents of Tarpon Springs, Carrollwood, Westchase, Trinity, and throughout Tampa Bay is the dual plane breast enlargement technique. The dual plane breast enhancement method improves the appearance of the breasts and increases their size, all while creating natural-looking results.

What to expect from a dual plane breast enlargement

Dr. Roach will place your implants directly beneath the breast’s mammary gland, or he will locate it in a plane below the pectoralis major muscle. This procedure was created as a way to prevent capsular contracture and avoid visibility of the edge of an implant due to subglandular placement of an implant.

Patients who undergo a dual plane breast enlargement find that they are less likely to have sensory changes in their nipples. Still, women who undergo a breast augmentation can at times experience asymmetry, bleeding, or develop infections. You should begin to heal within 10 days, and it will take up to six weeks for a full recovery. It is important for you to undergo a mammogram exam prior to any breast augmentation operations so you have something to compare to after your surgery.

Contact us for more information regarding dual plane breast enlargement operations whether you’re in Tampa, Trinity, Odessa, Lutz, Tarpon Springs, Carrollwood, New Port Richey, and throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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