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Respected Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Develops Customized Treatment Plans Near Temple Terrace, FL

Plastic Surgery Temple Terrace FLIf you’re considering a cosmetic procedure such as a facelift, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck, you’ll want to work with a surgeon who has certain qualifications, including technical expertise, medical knowledge, surgical judgment, general integrity, and interpersonal skills. Consider Dr. John Roach, founder of the Bayside Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery LLC. Dr. Roach is a double board certified plastic and general surgeon who has been practicing near Temple Terrace, Florida, for more than a decade. During this time, he has helped many people achieve their aesthetic goals with plastic surgery, earning the respect of his patients and peers alike.

The Importance of Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic plastic surgery can enhance both your appearance and your sense of well-being. However, it is vital to understand that no surgical procedure can transform you into someone else or dramatically alter the course of your life. In order to achieve the best possible surgical outcome, it is essential to have reasonable expectations up front. When you consult with Dr. Roach, he will ensure that your objectives are realistic and attainable, then fully explain the likely outcome of the surgery you are considering.

In general, your surgical goal might be to emphasize certain physical characteristics you are happy with while addressing a specific feature that you would like to change, such as your:

  • Face
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen

Care That Extends Beyond the Operating Room

As a cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Roach takes a holistic approach to patient care. To enhance your surgical experience and final result, he will help you develop a comprehensive treatment plan that might include a personal training program, diet, or medical-grade skincare regimen in addition to your surgery. Any time you have a question, Dr. Roach will answer it personally; he will be available to you as your single point of contact before, during, and after your surgery.

If you’d like to meet with Dr. Roach, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment at his office near Temple Terrace, FL, today.

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