Breast Augmentation Techniques Trinity FL

The Latest Breast Augmentation Techniques Performed at an Accredited Surgical Center Near Trinity, FL

Breast Augmentation Trinity FLIf you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, be sure to fully educate yourself on the process before making any final decisions. This is the best way to ensure a positive outcome that you will remain happy with for a very long time.

For the latest information about breast augmentation surgery, Dr. John Roach is an excellent resource for women in the Trinity, Florida, area. As a double board certified plastic and general surgeon, Dr. Roach knows that well-informed patients make the best treatment decisions. He is committed to being available to his patients whenever they need him, and he serves as their single point of contact before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Roach can help you decide if breast augmentation is right for you.

What Can Be Achieved With Breast Augmentation Surgery?

When performed by Dr. Roach – a skillful and experienced surgeon – breast augmentation is a very versatile procedure. Taking into account your unique concerns, preferences, and goals, Dr. Roach can:

Enhance Your Breast Size, Shape & Projection

Breast implants can be surgically placed to improve the size, shape, and/or projection of your breasts. Whether you are seeking a subtle or dramatic change, Dr. Roach can help you choose appropriate implants to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking result.

For many breast augmentation procedures, Dr. Roach utilizes fifth-generation silicone gel “gummy bear” implants, which have a sloped, teardrop shape that closely mimics the contours of a natural breast. When placed underneath the pectoralis muscle, this type of anatomical implant can provide fullness at the bottom of a breast that gradually tapers toward the top. Alternatively, if you prefer more upper-pole fullness, Dr. Roach may suggest higher-profile, round implants to create a fuller look with more forward projection.

Create a More Balanced Appearance

In most cases, some degree of breast asymmetry is perfectly normal. In fact, the two sides of the body are often slightly different, and sometimes the differences are more noticeable in the breasts than in other areas. If you are concerned about asymmetry, Dr. Roach can perform breast augmentation surgery to alter the size or shape of one or both of your breasts to create a more harmonious chest appearance, or to balance the size of your breasts with your hips to create a better-proportioned body silhouette.

If you have questions, you are welcome to discuss breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Roach at his office in the Trinity, FL, area. Contact Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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