Breast Augmentation Trinity FL

Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed Near Trinity, FL, Utilizing the Latest Surgical Techniques & Implants

Breast Augmentation Trinity FLDr. John Roach, a double board certified plastic and general surgeon who practices at Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery LLC, helps women throughout the Trinity, Florida, area enhance the appearance of their breasts by performing breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Roach utilizes fifth-generation silicone gel “gummy bear” breast implants and advanced surgical techniques, including under-the-muscle (subpectoral) implant placement. Additionally, he performs all surgical procedures at a fully accredited, humidity-controlled surgical center for optimum patient safety.

Advantages of Dr. Roach’s Approach

As compared to over-the-muscle implant placement, Dr. Roach’s approach to breast augmentation surgery offers several advantages, including:

  • Lower risk of capsular contracture (this complication occurs when the capsule of scar tissue that naturally forms around an implant becomes very hard and contracts)
  • Better implant coverage (and less implant visibility)
  • Less likelihood of implant rippling
  • More natural-looking breast curvature
  • Enhanced upper pole and medial pole fullness
  • Better cleavage
  • Increased implant support
  • Reduced stress on breast skin

Dr. Roach strives to minimize the need for narcotic pain medications after breast augmentation surgery. To do so, he performs an intraoperative lateral pectoral nerve block under direct visualization with ultrasound guidance. This novel nerve block technique can lessen a patient’s discomfort and downtime after a subpectoral implant placement.

A Single Point of Contact

Beginning with the breast augmentation consultation and extending throughout the post-surgical recovery period and beyond, Dr. Roach is the patient’s single point of contact, and he is always available to answer questions. As the sole surgeon in his practice, Dr. Roach is the only medical professional who is involved in performing the surgery – every aspect and every stitch.

If you’d like to speak with Dr. Roach about breast augmentation surgery, then contact Bayside Center for Plastic Surgery today to request an appointment at his office near Trinity, FL.

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