Body Lift

Body Lift Surgery for Patients in Tampa, Florida

body-liftA body lift is a plastic surgery procedure that helps to eliminate excess skin and tissue from targeted areas of the body. An ideal candidate for this type of surgery is one who has experienced drastic weight loss, either through healthy diet and exercise or bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass or the Lap Band.  It is also best if the patient has maintained a stable weight for at least six months.

Depending on which parts of the body the patient would like to improve, the surgeon can perform a lower body lift, upper lift, or a total lift. A lower lift concentrates on the upper thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, and is the most commonly sought lift. An upper lift focuses on the chest, breasts, and mid-back area. A total body lift combines the lower and upper lifts, and though this procedure can be performed all at once, most surgeons prefer to perform the upper lift and lower lift separately to reduce the risk of complications.

Men and women living in Clearwater, Tampa, Trinity, Palm Harbor, and other nearby communities who feel that they may benefit from a body lift can visit Dr. John Roach at the Bayside Center for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Roach completed seven years of intensive training in plastic, reconstructive, and general surgery, and takes a unique holistic approach to plastic surgery.  For example, in order to ensure optimal results for a body lift, Dr. Roach might recommend personal fitness training in the weeks prior to the procedure.

What happens during a body lift?

When performing a lower lift, Dr. Roach begins by removing excess tissue from the outer thighs and buttocks. Next, a tummy tuck is performed. Dr. Roach makes a horizontal incision across the pubic area, removes extra skin and fat, tightens the stomach muscles, and repositions the remaining skin. This part of the procedure in which Dr. Roach tightens and repositions the skin is often referred to as body contouring. Sometimes liposuction is also used during this part of the procedure.

An upper lift involves first removing extra skin and fat from the middle of the back, along the bra line. Then, Dr. Roach removes the tissue that usually creates fat rolls on the back. After narrowing the waist, he eliminates any extra skin over the rib cage and under the breasts, and sutures the remaining skin to tighten and smooth the area.

Surgical Concerns and Recovery

Body lift patients remain in the hospital for up to three nights after their surgery, and complete recovery time is usually between four and six weeks. Some potential complications include small skin separations and reduced sensation in the affected areas.

To learn more about body lift surgery, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  We’re happy to speak with patients in Clearwater, Tampa, Odessa, and beyond. We can also tell you about other body contouring procedures, such as brachioplasty and tummy tuck surgeries.

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