Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed by a Double Board Certified Plastic & General Surgeon in the Tampa, FL, Area

Breast Augmentation Tampa FLDr. John Roach, a double board certified plastic and general surgeon, performs breast augmentation surgery and other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the Tampa, Florida, area. Since founding his practice, Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery LLC, in 2008, Dr. Roach has earned the respect and trust of patients and peers alike. Here are some of the reasons why:

Refined Surgical Techniques

To help his patients achieve their aesthetic goals with natural-looking results, Dr. Roach utilizes fifth-generation silicone gel “gummy bear” breast implants and advanced breast augmentation techniques, including under-the-muscle (subpectoral) implant placement. This surgical technique has several potential advantages. For instance:

  • Placing a smooth implant underneath the pectoralis muscle can reduce the risks of capsular contracture and visible rippling.
  • The added bulk of the pectoralis muscle covering the upper and inner areas of an implant can make the edges of the implant less visible and the curvature of the breast more natural.
  • The implant will gradually drop into its proper position after surgery, resulting in better cleavage and upper pole and medial pole fullness as compared to that which could be achieved with over-the-muscle implant placement.
  • The pectoralis muscle will help support the implant, reducing wear and tension on the breast skin.

Dr. Roach performs breast augmentation surgery – and all other procedures – at an accredited surgical facility that has controlled humidity monitoring for optimal patient safety. Additionally, to reduce discomfort, narcotic use, and downtime following a subpectoral implant placement, Dr. Roach utilizes a novel nerve block technique, known as an intraoperative lateral pectoral nerve block, under direct visualization with ultrasound guidance.

Personalized Care

Because Dr. Roach believes well-informed patients make the best health care decisions, he personally guides each patient before, during, and after breast augmentation surgery. From the initial consultation through the recovery period and beyond, he serves as the patient’s single point of contact. Dr. Roach is the only surgeon in his practice and the only medical professional involved in performing the procedures. Additionally, he is accessible 24/7 to address his patients’ questions and concerns.

If you’d like to discuss breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Roach, then contact Bayside Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment at his office. Dr. Roach proudly serves patients from the Tampa Bay area.

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