Considerations For Body Sculpting Patients

Body Sculpting – Considerations for Patients in Carrollwood, FL

body-sculpting-carrollwoodBody sculpting can provide a solution for individuals who are unable to eliminate isolated pockets of excess fat that stubbornly resist regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Dr. John Roach, an experienced cosmetic surgeon and founder of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery near Carrollwood, FL, provides further detail on this type of surgery and its possible outcomes to help each patient make the best decision for him- or herself.

One surgical technique commonly used for body sculpting is liposuction. The underlying concept of liposuction may sound almost too good to be true: Through a small incision, a surgeon inserts a cannula, which is a tiny tube that connects to an apparatus that operates like a vacuum to suction out unwanted fat deposits. However, while it’s true that body sculpting can be effective in improving the shape of certain areas of the body, Dr. Roach emphasizes that it should not be pursued as a weight loss method.

Instead, body sculpting is appropriate for generally healthy, slight-to-moderately overweight patients who have good skin elasticity and are simply looking to improve body contour irregularities resulting from disproportionate accumulations of fat in localized areas. While there is no absolute age limit, people considering body contouring should keep in mind that because skin elasticity diminishes with age, older patients may achieve a less than optimal result. In addition, patients with bleeding disorders or who take anticoagulants are probably not good candidates for surgery in general, and body sculpting in particular, due to an increased risk of complications.
In addition to liposuction, body sculpting, also known as body contouring, may include other procedures performed simultaneously or in a series, such as:

  • An arm lift
  • A tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck
  • An upper body lift, which focuses on the chest, breasts, and middle back
  • A lower body lift, which targets the abdomen, upper thighs, and buttocks
  • A total body lift, which combines the lower and upper body lifts

If you live in the Carrollwood, FL, area and would like to discuss body sculpting with Dr. Roach, please contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule a consultation. Dr. Roach will be pleased to provide further information about this and other cosmetic procedures, along with his unique holistic approach to surgery.

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