Breast Implant Surgery – How Will It Affect Your Fitness Routine?

Breast Implant Surgery for New Tampa Women – How Will It Affect Your Fitness Routine?

breast-implant-surgery-new-tampa-bigstock-running-on-treadmill-in-gymMany Tampa Bay area women exercise to feel confident and improve their self image, among myriad other reasons.  Perhaps you are interested in breast implants for the same reasons—to feel confident and improve your self image—but you worry that your new implants might affect your workouts.  Renowned breast surgeon Dr. John Roach of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides the following tips for resuming your fitness program following breast implant surgery near New Tampa.

First, it is important to keep in mind that each patient’s experience will be highly individualized, so you will need to consult with your doctor and gain his approval of your own specific recovery plan.  In general, however, you can expect the following after breast implant surgery:

  • You will likely be able to go home the same day as your surgery.
  • During the first few days, you should rest, but it is important to get up and walk frequently to prevent the formation of blot clots.  Avoid any activity that involves lifting, bending, or straining.
  • You will probably be able to return to work within four to five days after the procedure.
  • Six weeks after surgery, you may be able to begin non-impact aerobic exercise, such as gently riding a stationary bicycle (not spinning), for at least one week.
  • Then, over approximately the next three weeks, you can gradually add impact aerobic exercise, beginning with a low impact activity, such as walking or elliptical training, and working up to a higher impact activity, such as jogging.
  • Your breasts may remain swollen for up to three months.
  • After your recovery is complete, you will probably not have any exercise restrictions.  Just remember to ask your doctor to recommend a suitable supportive bra and never exercise without one.

Finally, as long as you’re closely following the instructions of your breast surgeon, don’t be afraid to exercise during your recovery from breast augmentation surgery!  Movement will keep your joints flexible and eliminate the byproducts of surgery faster.  The best way to ensure a smooth recovery after your breast implant surgery near New Tampa is to rely on the expertise of an experienced and reputable surgeon, like Dr. Roach, who is highly regarded for both his outstanding surgical skill and attentive patient care.  Be sure to resume your fitness workout in accordance with your physician’s clearance and input.  As a result, you will manage your pain better, recover faster, and not lose the benefits of your pre-surgery efforts at the gym.

If you have concerns about how your workouts may be affected by breast implant surgery, New Tampa surgeon Dr. Roach is available for consultation.  Please contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule an appointment.

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