Choosing the Right Implant Size For Your Breast Enhancement Surgery

Choosing the Right Implant Size for Your Breast Enhancement Surgery Near New Tampa

breast-enhancement-surgery-new-tampa-bigstock-woman-is-smiling-in-front-of-mirrorFor state-of-the-art breast enhancement surgery, New Tampa women have trusted Dr. John Roach of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for years to help them make informed decisions and to perform their procedures safely and skillfully to achieve the most natural-looking results possible.  You, too, will feel comfortable with Dr. Roach, an experienced breast surgeon who will proficiently answer your questions and provide you with the individualized care and attention you need and deserve.  If you are considering breast augmentation, Dr. Roach has the requisite knowledge to expertly guide your choice of implant size for your breast enhancement surgery at his center near New Tampa.

Breast size is a very personal decision, and bigger is most definitely not always better.  Following are some of the factors to consider in determining the optimal implant size for you:

  • Your preferences – Discuss your ideals with your surgeon, and bring along some photographs of breasts you find appealing, and perhaps not so appealing.  Explain what you like and dislike about the breasts in the photos, and be as specific as possible.  This will help your surgeon gain an accurate understanding of your breast enhancement goals and determine whether they are feasible.
  • Your anatomy – During your consultation, your surgeon will take measurements, including the breadth of your chest, the base width of your breasts, and the distance between your breasts.  Another important factor is the looseness of your skin because you must have sufficient tissue to cover the implant.
  • Your desired volume – Bra sizes are far from standard and therefore not meaningful when discussing breast size with your surgeon.  Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters and range from about 120 cc to 850 cc.  As a frame of reference, one fluid ounce is equivalent to approximately 30 cc.
  • Your height – Petite women with small frames sometimes feel that larger implants make them look like they’ve gained weight.
  • Potential complications – Unsuitably large breast implants can increase the risk of complications.
  • The rice test – “Try on” your implants before undergoing surgery by filling a knee high stocking with rice (10 ounces is equivalent to 300 cc).  Flatten the rice in the hose and place it in a non-padded bra.  Wear the “implants” under different types of clothing, check out your look in a mirror or seek the advice of family members or friends, and then add or subtract rice based on the look you desire.
  • Consider going bigger – Once you think you’ve found the right size, consider going a little bit larger.  The majority of women who undergo revision breast enhancement surgeries do so because they wish they’d gone bigger initially.
  • Your surgeon’s opinion – Finally, trust your surgeon’s professional judgment and expertise.

Dr. Roach will be happy discuss these and other factors with you during your evaluation for breast enhancement surgery at his clinic near New Tampa.  If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Roach, please contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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