Could Breast Reduction Be the Answer to Back Pain?

Breast Augmentation Cheval FLThere are a lot of things that can cause or agitate lower back pain, and there are a lot of therapies that can help depending on the cause. However, mid back pain is different. When you have pain between your shoulder blades and into your spine, it is an indication that your posture has changed for the worse. Usually, this happens over time to women who have large breasts.

While some women would love to have larger breasts, those who cope with them on a daily basis would gladly give them up. If your breasts are much too large for your frame, it could lead to crippling arthritis and other posture and chronic pain issues.

So when should you get a breast reduction?

A breast reduction isn’t for everyone. But for most healthy people, it is a completely safe surgical procedure. If you have chronic mid- to upper-back pain, have breasts that are large for your frame or disproportionate to other parts of your body, or have had poor luck with other treatments, you are likely a good candidate for breast reduction.

The breast reduction procedure is fairly straightforward; and although it does take several weeks to heal completely, the surgery has a much easier recovery than breast augmentation.  During the procedure, breast tissue and skin will be removed to create the cup size you desire, with the nipple moved into appropriate placement. 

Ending chronic back pain or improving posture really are possible without spending a fortune. Contact us today for more information about our breast reduction surgical services or to schedule your free consultation.

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