Financing Options to Cover Breast Enlargement Cost

Financing Options to Cover Breast Enlargement Cost in New Tampa

breast-enlargement-cost-tampa-bayBreast enlargement cost, which is generally not covered by health insurance plans, can be prohibitive for a lot of New Tampa women who might otherwise be interested in pursuing this type of surgery. Because it is cosmetic in nature, most insurers categorize breast augmentation as an elective procedure. One notable exception pertains to women who have undergone mastectomy reconstruction following breast cancer surgery.

As a broad guideline, a woman can expect her breast enlargement cost to be approximately $5,500 to $6,500. For the majority of patients, this will constitute an out-of-pocket expense, so it’s very important to be fully aware of any additional costs that could potentially arise during and after surgery. For example, before your procedure you should ask your surgeon about things like:

  • Charges for anesthesia, hospital fees, medication, follow-up visits, post-surgical garments, and the implants themselves. While some surgeons quote a comprehensive price, others do not.
  • Additional surgeries that may be required in the future. Breast implants are medical devices that do not last forever, so they will likely need to be replaced at some point down the line. Be sure to inquire about any guarantees offered by the manufacturer as well.
  • Recommended diagnostic testing. As one example, the FDA advises women with silicone breast implants to have MRI scans on a regular basis to detect possible ruptures. For planning purposes, you’ll want to include the potential expense of any such testing in your total breast enlargement cost.

To help cover your breast enlargement cost, you might consider consulting with an outside financing company, such as CareCredit,, or Many of these companies offer special loans and other solutions designed specifically for cosmetic procedures, and some surgeons are willing to work with patients who would like to finance the cost of their surgeries. One such surgeon is Dr. John Roach of the renowned Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery near New Tampa, FL. Dr. Roach, a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, is pleased to accept patients who wish to finance their breast enlargement cost through an outside company.

Contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for more information about Dr. Roach, or to schedule a consultation at his state-of-the-art clinic near New Tampa, FL. Dr. Roach will be pleased to answer your questions and tell you more about breast enhancement cost, facelift cost, and the expenses associated with any other cosmetic procedure he performs.

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