How Your Breasts Change as You Age

The natural aging process causes many changes in the body. For women, changes to the breasts are common with age and can significantly alter their appearance. Women who feel self-conscious because of signs of aging in the breasts may want to consider a breast augmentation or a breast lift to rejuvenate their chest. 

What Causes Changes to the Breasts With Age?

The drop in estrogen production that naturally occurs with age is one of the main reasons for changes to the breasts in older age. Lower levels of estrogen cause decreased hydration and, as a result, less elasticity in the breast tissue. 

Common Changes to the Breasts With Age

Loose, Sagging Breast Tissue

The hormonal changes that occur in older age, specifically with menopause, can cause the breasts to become less firm. Lost elasticity can make the breast tissue appear loose and stretched; some women notice that the breasts appear to sag or that the nipples point downward. To regain a youthful, perky appearance of the breasts without altering their size, you may want to consider a breast lift. This cosmetic procedure raises the position of the breasts on the chest and enhances their shape for a rejuvenated look. 

Reduced Cup Size

Declining estrogen levels cause some women to experience a reduction in the size of their breasts in older age. You may notice that your breasts no longer fill out shirts and blouses as they once did. Women who end up with a smaller cup size at an older age may consider breast augmentation to restore the fullness of the breasts. 

Flatter Breast Shape

The shape of the breasts may change as a result of the aging process. Many women note that the breasts appear longer, flatter, and less round. There may also be a larger space in between the breasts with older age. A breast lift and/or breast augmentation can be done to contour the breasts and improve their shape.  

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