Key Points To Consider Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation – Tampa, FL, Breast Surgeon Dr. John Roach Discusses Key Points to Consider Before Surgery

breast-augmentation-tampaOver the last several years, interest has increased steadily in general cosmetic procedures and in breast augmentation in particular. Tampa, FL, area breast surgeon Dr. John Roach endeavors to ensure that each patient who is considering surgery fully understands her motivations and options, as well as the potential risks and benefits, and has realistic expectations for the potential outcome.

Before undergoing any type of plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. Roach recommends a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s health — both physical and mental – to be certain she is prepared for the changes her surgery may bring. This assessment should include:

  • A complete physical examination and medical history analysis to confirm the patient is in good health and free of any conditions that could complicate her breast augmentation surgery or recovery.
  • A review of the patient’s current and past mental health to determine how the procedure may impact her.
  • A survey of the patient’s reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery to determine whether her motivations are internal (e.g., to improve her self-image) or external (e.g., to please her partner). It is notable that women who are internally motivated are generally more likely to attain their surgical goals.
  • A discussion of the woman’s expectations. While surgery may result in satisfaction with the altered body part, and perhaps a slight increase in self-confidence, it cannot be expected to impact other areas of a woman’s life, such as her personal relationships or career.

If you live in the Tampa area, are interested in breast augmentation surgery, and would like to learn more, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Roach, a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Roach will be pleased to answer your questions and provide detailed information about breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures he performs at his clinic near Tampa, FL, such as face lift procedures.

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