Most Common Body Contouring Areas

When you think of body contouring, you probably think about procedures like a tummy tuck or liposuction. However, there are many areas of your body that you can have contoured besides your abdomen. Here are some of the most common body contouring areas.


Fat accumulation in the upper thighs is difficult to beat, especially for women. Even if you manage to lose weight, it is likely that your thighs will remain stubbornly large. A thigh lift can trim away the excess fat and skin so that your thighs are much more proportionate to your body.

Upper Arms

Many middle aged women find that they cannot tone their upper arms after losing weight. Even with diet and exercise, you could still have that jiggling excess fat and tissue. An arm lift is the surgical procedure that will fix this problem, helping you find clothes that fit better.


The butt is another problem area for both men and women. It can be difficult to lose fat in this area with diet and exercise, unless you do exercises specifically designed to firm the buttocks. A butt lift is a great way to get your firm, supple behind back to your high school state.


Another common problem area for middle-aged women is a neck waddle or double chin. This can be difficult to get rid of even if you lose weight. A neck lift can be done to eliminate those issues. You can also get a face lift or brow lift in conjunction with the neck lift for an overall anti-aging treatment.

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