Perfect Your Weight Loss Results with a Whole Body Lift

More and more people are finding freedom with the ability to lose weight. With new weight loss solutions coming onto the market every year, people who had given up on weight loss in the past are now finding success. Losing that weight can feel really good physically and emotionally, but it can also leave you hating your body more than ever. Here’s how a whole body lift can help.

Why you still look fat when you’re not

Do you feel like you still look fat, even though you’ve lost several sizes? It might be because you have a lot of loose skin and excess tissues that haven’t been able to shrink back. Once that skin is stretched and those fat and tissue cells form in the area, it can take years for it to bounce back, if it does so on its own at all. 

What is a whole body lift?

You’ve probably heard of a tummy tuck, face lift, or neck lift, right? Well what about a whole body lift? This plastic surgery is actually the combination of several cosmetic alterations of the body wrapped up in one cosmetic surgery package. Having all of these procedures done at once can be very beneficial over getting them one at a time.  

Areas of treatment for a body lift

Target areas are different for every patient, so no two body lifts look the same. Your body lift can include any number of procedures based on your own needs. These include:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Thigh lift
  • Arm lift
  • Butt lift

Usually a face lift, neck lift, and related procedures are done separately from the body lift.


You are going to have some recovery time, and you’ll need some pain management as your body heals. Doing everything at once means only one recovery period and one surgery, but it also means that you feel all that pain at once. We will give you prescriptions to manage your pain that you should take as directed.

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