Breast Augmentation – Land O’Lakes

Breast Augmentation for Land O’Lakes Patients

Patients seeking breast augmentation in Land O’Lakes and surrounding areas can feel confident trusting Dr. John Roach of the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as their breast augmentation surgeon. Dr. Roach is one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the area, and has performed countless breast augmentation procedures for patients from Land O’Lakes and other surrounding communities. He completed seven years of intensive training in general, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, and though he excels in many different types of cosmetic surgery, he is especially well known for his expert skill as a breast surgeon.

Whether you are considering breast augmentation surgery to help restore breast volume lost due to pregnancy and nursing, or you want breast augmentation to help make your breasts more proportionate to your body, Dr. Roach can help you achieve your appearance goals. During your initial consultation with Dr. Roach, he will want to learn about your reasons for wanting breast augmentation, as well as your expectations for the surgery. He will also explain the options available to you in terms of implant type, size, and placement, and then make the best recommendations for your surgery based on factors like the amount of your existing breast tissue, your specific body type, your lifestyle, and your appearance goals.

In addition to breast augmentations, Dr. Roach also performs other breast surgeries, including breast lifts, breast reductions, and reconstructive breast surgery for patients who have had mastectomies. No matter what type of breast surgery you are considering, when you turn to Dr. Roach as your cosmetic surgeon, you can expect to receive personalized, attentive care throughout your entire cosmetic surgery experience.
To learn more about breast implant surgery, breast lifts, or any other cosmetic procedure, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery today. We’re happy to speak with breast augmentation patients from Land O’Lakes and other surrounding areas.

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