Breast Enlargement – Tampa

Breast Enlargement for Patients in Tampa, Clearwater, Lutz, Tarpon Springs, and Throughout Florida – Choosing your Implant Size

If you’ve decided to undergo breast enlargement surgery, there are many factors to consider before you have your procedure, and your desired breast size is one of the most important. Your surgeon will likely discuss this with you during your initial consultation, but being prepared beforehand can help you better communicate with your surgeon.

Before guiding you toward an implant size that will best help you meet your desired breast size, your surgeon will likely want to know why you want a breast augmentation. Are you getting the surgery in an effort to restore your breasts to the size they were before you lost weight or had children? Or, are you seeking a breast enlargement because you’ve always had smaller breasts than you desire? Your personal reason for having breast enhancement surgery, along with other factors such as how much breast tissue you already have present, will determine the implant size your surgeon recommends.

Once your surgeon knows your expectations for your breast enlargement surgery, he or she may ask you questions about your lifestyle. For example, if they ask about your physical activity, and you explain that you are an avid runner, they may tell you to consider whether or not larger breasts will have an effect on how well – and how comfortably – you will be able to do these things.

Finally, you want to think about how your desired breast size will look on your body. Your new breasts should be proportionate to the rest of your body, especially if you want your breast enlargement to look as natural as possible. Choosing the right size implants for your body type can also affect your health, as women with especially petite frames can suffer from back pain if they receive implants that are too large and heavy for their upper body to support.

To learn more about determining the perfect sized breast implants for your unique body type, lifestyle, and desired appearance goals, contact a reputable breast surgeon. Women in Tampa, Lutz, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and nearby communities who are seeking breast enlargement surgery can contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We’ll be happy to schedule a breast enlargement consultation with our esteemed breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. John Roach. We can also tell you more about the cost of breast implants and the financing options that may be available for you.

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