Reasons to Consider Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstructionBreast cancer impacts hundreds of thousands of women in the United States each year. Some women diagnosed with breast cancer must undergo a mastectomy to get rid of the cancer cells and preserve their longevity.

Whether a single mastectomy, in which one breast is removed, or a double mastectomy, in which both breasts are removed, this procedure can be damaging to women’s self-image. But, breast reconstruction surgery is available to restore the appearance of the breasts after mastectomy. There are many reasons why women may choose to undergo this procedure after overcoming breast cancer, including:

Restoring Balance of The Breasts

Women who have undergone a single mastectomy may choose breast reconstruction to regain a balanced chest. When one breast is removed, the chest has an asymmetrical appearance, and the lack of balance can be uncomfortable. Breast reconstruction surgery reconstructs the breast that was removed, providing a balanced look and feel. 

Regaining a Good Fit in Clothing

After mastectomy, women find that clothes often don’t fit like they used to. Shirts, blouses, dresses, and swimsuits may not look the same after one or both breasts are removed. Breast reconstruction restores the breast(s) that were removed with implants or a tissue flap, allowing women to once again fit comfortably into their clothing. 

Stopping The Use of Breast Prosthetics

Breast prosthetics are artificial breast forms that are made to be worn inside bras and clothing to restore the look of the breasts. Unfortunately, wearing breast prosthetics every day can become uncomfortable, especially with concern over the prosthesis falling out. Breast reconstruction provides a permanent restoration of the breasts after mastectomy so that women can stop or avoid the use of prosthetics. 

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