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Breast Augmentation Options Near Wesley Chapel, FL

Breast Augmentation Wesley Chapel FLWhen it comes to breast augmentation, bigger is not necessarily better. Today, more and more women are choosing to enhance their breasts with modestly sized “gummy bear” implants, which offer a number of advantages over their larger counterparts. As explained by Dr. John Roach, a double board certified plastic and general surgeon who practices near Wesley Chapel, Florida, the advantages of breast augmentation with small-to-medium implants can extend far beyond aesthetics.

A Natural-Looking Result

Each woman’s anatomy is different, and large breasts don’t necessarily complement every body type. When augmenting the breasts, a little often goes a long way. In other words, a slight increase in size can create a noticeable difference in a woman’s bust line as well as her overall appearance. For this reason, many women find that breast augmentation with modestly sized implants provides the natural look that they desire.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that implants do more than augment the size of the breasts. For instance, implants also increase the forward projection of the breasts, or the degree to which the breasts extend outward from the body. Very large implants can intensify this effect, sometimes resulting in an undesired aesthetic.

The Ability to Engage in an Active Lifestyle

For women who enjoy running, playing tennis, and participating in other forms of exercise, there is no major downside to having breast augmentation surgery, other than having to take a few weeks off from working out in order to recover from surgery.

However, overly large breasts can cause discomfort during vigorous physical activities, and this can potentially affect a woman’s athletic performance. Additionally, the forward and backward motions of a woman’s arms during exercise could be hindered by implants that are either too large or have a base that is too wide for her chest. For these reasons, it’s especially important for an active woman to choose appropriately sized breast implants.

Reduced Risk of Complications

Because the weight of breast implants generally increases along with their size, larger implants are heavier and more likely to sag over time. Also, weightier implants can create more tension on the breast skin, which can increase the risk of stretch marks, thinning skin, and scarring.

Which Implant Size is Right for You?

Dr. Roach can help you select optimally sized implants for your breast augmentation procedure. In addition to discussing your preferences and lifestyle factors, he will take multiple measurements of your chest. He can also help you visualize how you would look with implants of various sizes.

To request an appointment with Dr. Roach at his office near Wesley Chapel, FL, contact Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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