What You Should Know About Gummy Bear Breast Implants

gummy bear implantsThere are many reasons to want breast implants, whether it be to satisfy your desired look, increase uniformity, or just because you simply want them. With many advances in cosmetic surgery there are now several options to choose from. The newest stage in breast implant technology is cohesive gel implants, or as they are more frequently known, “gummy bear implants.”

Here are a few things you should know about the implants when considering what is right for you:

Firm and uniform – With gummy bear implants there is a significantly less chance of the implants becoming misshapen after surgery. The silicone inside is thicker than standard implants so they retain their shape better. They get their name from the thickness of this silicone, which has the consistency of gummy bears.

Safer – The increased firmness of these implants highly reduces your chance of capsular contracture. Regular saline and silicone implants cannot compete because they aren’t as firm.

No Leaks – Older types of breast implants have a tendency for the shell to fold or ripple, which leads to rips in the lining. This is less likely with a gummy bear implant because of the firmness. In the unlikely case of the shell breaking, there is no liquid component to leak out due to the high density of the gel.

Natural Look – Most women agree that cohesive gel implants have a more anatomically correct shape and more natural feel. Because of their firmness, they can be formed into a more realistic teardrop shape that is retained long after surgery.

Breast implants are a big commitment and being informed is crucial. Dr. John Roach can help you with any questions you may have about implants and selecting what implant is right for you. Call the Bayside Center for Plastic Surgery at (813) 528-8744 and schedule your free consultation today.

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