Why Fall and Winter are the Best Times to Get Cosmetic Surgery

Are you considering plastic surgery to attain your cosmetic goals? If so, you may want to schedule your procedure soon, because the fall and winter seasons are ideal for cosmetic procedures. So, while others are sipping apple cider and gearing up for the holiday season, you’ll be feeling more confident than ever in your appearance!

The top reasons to get cosmetic surgery in the fall and winter include:

You’ll Be Ready to Shine Next Summer 

Many surgical cosmetic procedures require months of recovery before you’ll see final results. Since summer is the time to show off your body in a swimsuit, as well as the time when many people go on vacation, most patients want to see the full results of their procedure by then. Getting treatment done in the fall or winter will give you plenty of time to recover before summer rolls around. 

You Can Cover Up As You Heal 

In the fall and winter, everyone covers up more to suit the season. Sweaters, scarves, and jeans are all in style throughout the fall and winter, making it easy for you to seamlessly cover up any scarring, bruising, or redness from a cosmetic procedure. This is ideal in comparison to summer clothing, which may easily reveal signs that you recently underwent surgery. 

Plastic Surgeons Typically Have More Availability

Most patients opt to undergo cosmetic surgery in the spring. This can make it difficult to get an appointment slot early in the year. So, by scheduling your cosmetic procedure for the fall or winter, you’ll likely have a greater choice of appointment times. As a result, you may get a slot that perfectly aligns with your schedule!


To schedule your cosmetic procedure for this fall or winter, schedule a consultation at the Bayside Center for Plastic Reconstructive Surgery today.

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