Why You Shouldn’t Go In for a Breast Implant Consult with a Cup Size

If you think that you want to have a D cup size, you might think that this is sufficient information to get a price for breast implants. What most people don’t realize is that cup size is often ambiguous, and it doesn’t really tell a doctor how you want your breasts to be shaped when your surgery and recovery are complete.

Here are a few reasons you need to give your doctor more than just a cup size at your consultation.

Cup size varies by brand, bra style, and even breast shape.

Most women have one particular brand where they prefer to get all of their bras. This is generally because once a woman finds the bra that fits the best, she is pretty reluctant to give it up. But have you ever thought about why a D cup is different from one brand to the next? The answer lies in the fact that cup size is completely arbitrary, and even breasts of the same size but different shapes may need a different cup size.

Breast implants aren’t measured by cup size.

Every woman has a different amount of breast tissue, muscle mass, and other body factors that affect breast augmentation. Because of this, implants are measured in volume, usually cc’s (cubic centimeters) of silicone or saline. To find the right breast implant for your desired breast size and shape requires careful consideration and several digital models of final results.

You shouldn’t define yourself by a size at all.

If you have a particular shape and heft that you wish your breasts to be, you don’t have to define yourself by the number or cup size you typically associate with it. Instead, think about how you want to look. Search online for pictures of women with your same build with breasts that you covet. Take these pictures with you to your consultation. They will give your doctor a much better idea of what you want than a cup size ever could.

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