Breast Lift Procedures – New Tampa

Breast Lift Procedures for New Tampa Patients

At the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. John Roach offers breast lift procedures for New Tampa area patients who want to regain a youthful, shapely appearance for their breasts. Dr. Roach is a leading Florida plastic surgeon, and he is especially well known for his expertise as a breast surgeon, so you can feel confident trusting him to perform your breast lift. Whether your breasts have lost their youthful shape and begun to sag due to pregnancy and nursing, dramatic weight loss, hormone changes, or aging, Dr. Roach can use his skills and experience as a breast surgeon to help improve the shape, contours, and position of your breasts.

In order to minimize the scarring that typically results from breast lift surgery, Dr. Roach will employ one of the following techniques:

  • The doughnut technique – This requires Dr. Roach to remove the circle of skin that surrounds the nipple, effectively confining the scar to the areolar area, where the skin tends to be darker.
  • The tailor-tack method – Before eliminating any excess breast tissue, Dr. Roach will mold the breasts to the desired shape and apply temporary sutures. Then, only the folded skin will be removed and the sutures will be taken out.

After your breast lift, you can expect some bruising, soreness, and swelling for a few weeks following your procedure. Once your bandages and surgical bra have been removed, Dr. Roach will likely recommend that you wear a sports bra until the swelling decreases. It’s also important that you follow Dr. Roach’s advice to avoid heavy lifting and straining, though you can likely return to normal activities within a week of your breast lift surgery.

For more information about breast lifts, breast enlargement surgery, or any other type of plastic surgery, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We’re happy to schedule breast lift consultations for New Tampa area patients.

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