Memory Gel ® Implants for Patients

Memory Gel ® Implants for Patients in Lutz, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Trinity, and Elsewhere throughout Florida

Mentor ® Memory Gel ® breast implants are believed to provide a more natural look and feel to augmented breasts than other types of implants, and with good reason. These FDA-approved implants are filled with a unique cohesive gel that maintains uniformity and has a consistency similar to that of the inside of a gummy bear candy. In fact, cohesive gel implants are often referred to as “gummi bear breast implants.”

Mentor ® implants also offer doctors and patients the opportunity for nearly complete customization. They are available with either a smooth or textured shell surface, with projection options that include moderate, moderate plus, and high profile. This means that a plastic surgeon can select the ideal Memory Gel ® breast implants to help his or her patient successfully attain her specific appearance goals. Plus, because these implants have a set-fill volume, meaning they are made to properly hold a certain and precise amount of silicone gel, they offer more predictable results.

If you live in Lutz, New Tampa, Clearwater, or any other nearby Florida community and think Memory Gel ® breast implants may be the right choice for your breast augmentation procedure, visit Dr. John Roach at the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Roach is one of the most reputable and experienced breast augmentation surgeons in the state and he can use his knowledge and expertise to determine whether gel breast implants are the best option for you.

To learn more about Mentor ® breast implants, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery today. We’ll be happy to schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Roach.

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