Mentor ® Breast Implants

Mentor ® Breast Implants for Lutz, Clearwater, Tampa, Tarpon Springs, and Surrounding Areas

Mentor ® breast implants are some of the most popular and reputable implants available today, and are favored by patients and surgeons alike. Mentor offers both silicone and saline breast implant options, though their Memory Gel ® silicone implants are the manufacturers’ most innovative and sought-after products. The silicone implants contain a cohesive silicone gel that maintains uniformity. This unique silicone gel provides a more natural look and feel than many other types of implants, and is one of the outstanding features that make Mentor ® breast implants so popular. Many times, cohesive gel implants are referred to as " gummi bear implants," because their consistency is similar to that of the inside of a gummy candy.

The silicone gel implants are also favored for their selection of projection, texture, and volume choices, which allows for nearly complete customization. Breast augmentation patients can choose from projection options that include moderate, moderate plus, and high profile, as well as either a smooth or textured shell surface. Plus, Mentor ® Memory Gel implants have a set fill-volume, meaning each size is specially designed to hold only a certain amount of silicone gel, which offers more predictable results.

For breast augmentation patients in Clearwater, Lutz, Tampa, and other nearby communities, Dr. John Roach is proud to offer Mentor ® Memory Gel breast implants. As a highly experienced breast surgeon, Dr. Roach has used Mentor ® products in countless breast augmentation procedures, and can help you decide if they are the best option for you and your appearance goals.

To learn more, contact the Bayside Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. We’re happy to speak with patients from Clearwater, Trinity, Wesley Chapel, and elsewhere throughout Florida. We can also tell you about any breast augmentation financing options that may be available.

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